$ 14.00

For All Types of Hair

Same Fragrance as the 6 oz. bottle of Loris Perfection II

Lori`s Intensive Daily Conditioner is wonderful for all types of hair but especially great for dry or chemically treated hair. It gives your hair the optimum level of conditioning based on your individual needs. Her exclusive Moisturizing Complex helps to restore and maintain the ideal moisture balance for your hair. Formulated with special conditioners and enriched with ProVitamin B-5 and wheat protein. Contains Lori`s 10-blend botanical extracts: Calendula, Ginseng, Sage, Yarrow, Cucumber, Carrageenan, Matricaria, Thyme, Comfrey and Aloe. Use daily to maintain volume body and shine for your perfect head of hair. Follow with Ultra Lite for even more shine and conditioning.

Hints: If you find that it is a little too rich for your hair you can always place some in a glass and delute it with water and run through your hair as a rinse.

Can also use as a dressing on the hair (wet or dry). Just use a little dab and run it through the hair.

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